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Gutter Cleaning Greensboro

This is a basic answer to a concern that must be asked regularly by homeowners. Fascias become part of the overall rain gutter system on a house. They are regularly ignored till they rot, seamless gutters are gotten rid of or their ugliness is covered by another coat of paint.

The reality is, a house can have a fascia board without rain gutters, but you will seldom see rain gutters without some type of fascia board. The fascia board is a horizontal board, usually pine that measures anywhere in between 6 and most often up to but not more than 12 inches wide. The fascia runs the length of your home simply under the roofing system line.

Usually, if an issue is found in fascia boards it is restricted in scope. While all of the fascia can be altered if necessary, and this is not unusual on older residential or commercial properties, especially if they have been ignored, nevertheless, it is a basic matter to replace the fascia as needed, even if there are several areas that require to be re…